The Journal of Applied Educational Technology

Executive Editor - Chris Calvin, Ph.D.
Walden University

Editor - John W. Rice

e-ISSN: 1553-9385

The Journal of Applied Educational Technology (JAET) serves an audience of teachers, professors, and educational administrators who deal with technology in the K-20 environment. It seeks to offer solutions for educators through the use of applied technology as well as providing a publishing platform for current research. The journal publishes articles focusing on classroom uses of technology and research in the field.


Submission Guidelines

JAET, Volume 4, No. 1 2007

Editorial Board

Editorial: Electronic teaching
John W. Rice

In the Classroom: Transformation in the online age
Chris Calvin

Research: Learning styles: A focus upon e-learning practices and their implications for successful instructional design
Morris Cooze & Michael Barbour

Research: Educational video game design: A review of the literature
Mary Jo Dondlinger